December 23rd – JTT’s unstudied style

Today a few styling tips from a 13 year old Jonathan. If you ever wondered how he got that unstudied style, you may find the answer reading this. J.T.T's unstudied style Fashionable Jonathan gets that cool “just-threw-it-on” look by, well, just throwing stuff on You’d never know Jonathan Taylor Thomas actually puts thought into

December 21st – If JTT was your boyfriend…

Ever wondered what it would be like to have Jonathan as your boyfriend? This article from a 1996 issue of Tiger Beat  answers the question. If JTT was your boyfriend... Tiger Beat put JTT through the ultimate boyfriend test and he passed with flying colors! Find out why he’s our pick for

December 20th – Based on a true story…

A little more on Wild America in our countdown for Christmas. This article from a spring 1997 issue of Tiger Beat. Wild America Preview! Based on a true story... Perhaps only Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ fictional Home Improvement dad, grunting ‘Tim Tool Time Taylor’, could explain why teenage brothers are so competitive with each other. We

December 19th – Jonathan’s a shy guy

Today's feature in the countdown for Christmas tells us that Jonathan actually was a shy guy, and a little about the rumours about his love-life at the time in 1996-97. Jonathan's a shy guy Jonathan Taylor Thomas is the rare combination of a star who does it all and a regular teenage

December 17th – JTT Q&A!

We continue the countdown to Christmas with another JTT Q&A, this from a 1997 issue of Teen Beat. JTT Q&A! “I’d Love To Work With Devon & Scott Again!” The making of Wild America must have been a pretty cool experience for Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Afterall, for him to say he’d like to