“In the land of eagle people. in northern mountains
far into the snow where the trees don’t grow, there is
a cave filled with a thousand sleeping bears…”

In the summer of 1967, three brothers leave their home in Ft. Smith, Arkansas, and embark on an adventure that will last a lifetime.

Confronting nature in the wild, the three brothers learn to trust and depend on each other and discover their calling — to photograph America’s wildlife in its unspoiled settings. “Wild America” is inspired by the true story of the adventurous Stouffer brothers, whose own documentary series of the same name has revealed the mystery, majesty and delightful charm of some of nature’s most elusive and endangered creatures to audiences around the world.

This is the story of how the boys learned to understand and respect nature and its inhabitants, many of which were facing imminent extinction in the late ’60s. They captured these remarkable creatures and moments on film for future generations to see and enjoy.

The Cast and Crew:

  • William Dear: Director
  • David Michael Wieger: Writer
  • Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Marshall Stouffer
  • Devon Sawa as Mark Stouffer
  • Scott Bairstow as Marty Stouffer
  • Frances Fisher as Agnes ‘Mom’ Stouffer
  • Jamey Sheridan as Marty ‘Dad’ Stouffer Sr.
  • Tracey Walter as Leon, the Stouffer’s farmhand


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