Eleven year old Ben Archer is a smart kid with a big problem: how to “scare off” his mother Sandy’s fiance, Jack Sturges , a beleaguered federal prosecutor unprepared for step-fatherhood. Ben and his mom have survived quite nicely alone for the past five years, and Ben doesn’t think they need anyone moving in with them now – especially some lawyer who thinks reading books on step-parenting qualifies him for the job.
Egged on by his best friend Monroe , Ben comes up with several schemes to drive Jack away, one of which has Ben forcing Jack to join the YMCA Indian Guides program and participate in games and activities designed to nurture father/son companionship. During an Indian Guides camp-out, Ben plans to humiliate Jack and drive a wedge between him and Sandy. However, he is almost beaten to the punch by a sleazy mobster and his two henchmen who are out to get Jack for real!
Ultimately, the Guides take on the mob and use their wits and wisdom to capture Jack’s pursuers, and Ben and Jack both learn some valuable lessons about trust between kids and adults in Walt Disney Pictures’ new live-action comedy “Man of the House.”

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