Home Improvement promos posted by Tim Allen

Home Improvement Promos 1991

On November 23rd, Tim Allen posted a collection of Home Improvement promos, used for promoting of the then new show for the 1991 fall line-up on ABC.  The promos includes some scenes which was not used in the actual show - so take a look - there might be some you

December 24th – JTT’s animal attraction

Today a story from BOP Magazine, spring 1995, on Jonathan's animal attraction and how it fits with his love for fishing. J.T.T.'s animal attraction The star of Home Improvement and Man of the House is not only partial to the animal kingdom, he’s also protective of it Like most people, 13-year-old Jonathan Taylor

December 23rd – JTT’s unstudied style

Today a few styling tips from a 13 year old Jonathan. If you ever wondered how he got that unstudied style, you may find the answer reading this. J.T.T's unstudied style Fashionable Jonathan gets that cool “just-threw-it-on” look by, well, just throwing stuff on You’d never know Jonathan Taylor Thomas actually puts thought into

December 16th – JTT answers your questions!

Continuing the 25 days of Christmas. Today JTT answers your questions, in this article from the May 1997 issue of Tiger Beat.  JTT answers your questions! Having Jonathan Taylor Thomas personally answer your very own question is a dream come true and Tiger Beat made it happen! Read on. Ever wonder what a

December 15th – The dos and don’ts of loving Jonathan!

We continue 25 days of Christmas with an article from a 1997 issue of Tiger Beat, this with a guide to how you should be loving Jonathan Taylor Thomas. The dos and don'ts of loving Jonathan! What would it take for you to win JTT’s heart? Here’s Tiger Beat's essential list of

December 12th – Jonathan goes home

We continue the 25 days of Christmas with an interview with Jonathan brought i BOP Magazine December 1998 after he had left Home Improvement to focus on his studies. Ultra-exclusive Q&A! Jonathan goes home After eight years of growing up in front of millions of watchful Americans on the top-rated ABC sitcom Home Improvement, Jonathan

December 11th – Ready for anything!

Today we bring an interview with Jonathan from September 1993. The 12 year old is busy on Home Improvement and on working on Disney's next big animated feature - The Lion King.  Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Ready for anything! by Anne M. Raso We recently got a surprise phone call from adorable just-turned-12-year-old Jonathan

December 10th – From Television’s Home Improvement to the big screen

Today's article from August 1997 issue of US Weekly, featuring interview with Jonathan about his latest movie Wild America and his plans after college. Jonathan Taylor Thomas From television's "Home Improvement" to the big screen's "Wild America," this rising young star is hogging the spotlight. by Holly Sorensen There are a couple of things

December 9th – King of movies, television and the jungle!

Today's article, is a little different - not from a teen magazine, but from the WWF Magazine from July 1995. Interview with Jonathan after his participation the in WrestleMania XI held on April 2nd, 1995. King of Movies, Television and the Jungle! An interview with Jonathan Taylor Thomas Conducted by Vince Russo Jonathan Taylor

December 7th – Jonathan’s dream date

In continuation of Mondays fan dreams, here's something on Jonathan's dream date. Article from August 1997 issue of BB Magazine. Jonathan's Dream Date J.T.T. is a serious guy—seriously romantic, that is! We’ve got the scoop on what makes this Home Improvement cutie swoon on a date. And we even know the special place