In Common Ground director Donna Deitch (Desert Hearts) uses three stories to explore attitudes toward homosexuality in the fictional small town of Homer, Connecticut, over a period of almost half a century.

A Friend of Dorothy’s” tells the story of a girl who returns to Homer in 1954 after leaving the Navy. When it emerges that she was discharged after being arrested in a gay bar, she is ostracized by everyone except the owner of a local diner, a woman who has her own reasons for wanting to help Dorothy to escape.

M. Roberts” is set in 1974, when a gay teacher (Steven Weber) has to decide whether to jeopardize his career in order to help a troubled pupil (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) who has been targeted by homophobic bullies.

Finally, in present-day Homer, “Andy & Amos” follows the preparations for a gay wedding. While protesters gather on the town commons, Amos’s father (Ed Asner) has to choose between long-held prejudices and his love for his son. Thanks to a Harvey Fierstein script that combines sexual politics with humor and believable characters, this is the most successful part of Common Ground. Ed Asner’s gradual realization that his son’s monogamous, long-term gay relationship is more conventional than most heterosexual marriages is deftly handled, achieving a balance between message and drama that the other stories lack.

The Cast and Crew

  • Donna Deitch: Director
  • Harvey Fierstein: Writer
  • Terence McNally: Writer
  • Jason Priestley as Billy
  • Mimi Rogers as McPherson
  • Eric Stoltz as Johnny Burroughs
  • Steven Weber as Gil Roberts
  • Beau Bridges as Father Leon
  • Harvey Fierstein as Don


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