December 21st – If JTT was your boyfriend…

Ever wondered what it would be like to have Jonathan as your boyfriend? This article from a 1996 issue of Tiger Beat  answers the question. If JTT was your boyfriend... Tiger Beat put JTT through the ultimate boyfriend test and he passed with flying colors! Find out why he’s our pick for

December 20th – Based on a true story…

A little more on Wild America in our countdown for Christmas. This article from a spring 1997 issue of Tiger Beat. Wild America Preview! Based on a true story... Perhaps only Jonathan Taylor Thomas’ fictional Home Improvement dad, grunting ‘Tim Tool Time Taylor’, could explain why teenage brothers are so competitive with each other. We

December 18th – Honesty is the best policy for Jonathan!

Day 18th of the 25 days of Christmas features an interview with Jonathan from a Fall 1996 issue of Tiger Beat with the subject of Honesty.  Honesty is the best policy for Jonathan! Just like the character he plays in The Adventures Of Pinocchio, Jonathan learned to never tell a lie! With so many

December 16th – JTT answers your questions!

Continuing the 25 days of Christmas. Today JTT answers your questions, in this article from the May 1997 issue of Tiger Beat.  JTT answers your questions! Having Jonathan Taylor Thomas personally answer your very own question is a dream come true and Tiger Beat made it happen! Read on. Ever wonder what a

December 15th – The dos and don’ts of loving Jonathan!

We continue 25 days of Christmas with an article from a 1997 issue of Tiger Beat, this with a guide to how you should be loving Jonathan Taylor Thomas. The dos and don'ts of loving Jonathan! What would it take for you to win JTT’s heart? Here’s Tiger Beat's essential list of

December 8th – Jonathan Plays The Field!

And now a little about sports. Article from 1997 issue of Tiger Beat - Jonathan plays the field at the Rock N' Jock Super Bowl. The event was held in New Orleans on January 27th. Jonathan Plays The Field! He’s more famous for his brains than his brawn, but Jonathan Taylor Thomas is