The Jonathan Taylor Thomas Archive started as a small project back in 1998-1999, as a small project, when the Internet was brand new. Being a big fan of Home Improvement, Tim Allen and of cause JTT, lead to the thought to create a site around Home Improvement and the cast.

Tim Allen at the time, already had his own official website, but no official site for Jonathan Taylor Thomas existed – we had the Celebrity Sightings – which was official, but a site for a lot of teen idols.

A lot of other fan based sites existed at the time such as Cammy’s ‘Sup With Jonathan, which where a great place for getting the latest on Jonathan. Also JK’s Gallery, had a huge community – both sites has long gone closed.

The first version of JTTArchive was launched as a sub site on but with the increase in visitors, decided to move to the dedicated domain JTTArchive.Net in early 2001, where it has been located since.

At the peak in 2003-2004 the site had more than 400 visitors a day, and the member base grew to close to 2000 people, chatting on the Message Board, and keeping in touch.

With Jonathan leaving the scene to focus on his studies in 2005, the archive also slowly went into hiatus, visitor counts dropping and the incentive (and available time) to keep updating the site vanished, so the site were more or less static from 2006 until we choose to revive it in early 20015, giving the site a new layout, and moving all the content from the old obsolete platform to a new and more up-to-date platform.

Time is still limited, but the content of the archive is slowly growing, and with Jonathan returning to the scene as director and actor on Tim Allen’s Last Man Standing, there is again a place for fans to recall the 90’s, and all the fuss around Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

Enjoy your visit.

The Jonathan Taylor Thomas Archive team


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