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December 15th – The dos and don’ts of loving Jonathan!

We continue 25 days of Christmas with an article from a 1997 issue of Tiger Beat, this with a guide to how you should be loving Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

The dos and don’ts of loving Jonathan!

What would it take for you to win JTT’s heart? Here’s Tiger Beat’s essential list of things that make him tick – and things that turn him off! Read on!

DO have a good sense of humor if you’re going to get along with Jonathan. This natural-born comedian loves to make people laugh! “It’s a good feeling to know you are making people enjoy themselves and have a nice time,” he says of his wisecracking role as ‘Randy Taylor’ on Home Improvement. Well, we certainly think JTT is one of the funniest guys around.

DON’T be negative. The eternal optimist, JTT always sees the bright side of things – it’s something his mom Claudine has taught him. What’s the best advice she ever gave him? “You can do anything you put your mind to and don’t let anybody ever tell you that you can’t,” Jonathan responds. He’s definitely taken those wise words to heart!

DO love music. Jonathan is a music fanatic who enjoys listening to artists like Dave Matthews Band, Bob Marley and Hootie & the Blowfish. He also likes to check out his fave groups when they come to town! His first concert ever was DMB which was, according to JTT, “totally awesome!”

DON’T be superficial. Jonathan is a totally down-to-earth guy who likes to surround himself with unpretentious people, who are often not even involved in show business. “You have to be a good all-around person, smart and nice,” explains JTT about his ideal girl. “She’d have to be able to compromise and be giving.” Do you fit the bill?

DO enjoy reading – Jonathan absolutely adores literature. Though his schedule is totally hectic, he
settles down with a good book whenever he has some free time. JTT’s faves include To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee and Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger, a classic novel he’s interested in making into a movie!

DON’T be a total slob. Despite the fact that JTT is sometimes so busy he hardly has time to grab a meal, he always tries to keep his life as orderly as possible. “It’s tough to be organized, but I like things to be very meticulous and very neat,” reveals Jonathan. It’s a quality he also likes in other people!

DO like to travel. One of the coolest parts of Jonathan’s career is the journeying it involves. He’s had the good fortune to trek across America and Canada filming Wild America and ventured to Europe for Pinocchio. “That was a blast,” he says of his European adventure. So, if you love to jet off to new and exotic places, you and JTT would surely get along!

DON’T be a school slacker. JTT places education high on his list of priorities. “School’s extremely important,” he explains. “I always have to try hard in school, regardless. If the acting career ever ends, at least I have education to fall back on.” This high school junior is looking into prestigious colleges like New York University, Northwestern and Yale.

DO love animals. JTT is the proud owner of a Lhasa Apso dog named Mac, a Tortoise Persian cat named Sami and a flame-point Himalayan named Simba. He treasures his pets and had an absolute ball immersing himself in the wild kingdom for Wild America. “Animals are amazing,” he says. “They’re incredible, you just look in their eyes and they’re very innocent and very pure.”

DON’T treat him like a star. Though Jonathan is one of the most famous young stars on the planet, he certainly doesn’t want people to act any differently around him. JTT prides himself on being a normal teenager, and hopes that people like him because he represents someone “who is doing well, has goals.” He credits his family, especially his mom, for making him the person he is today. Aren’t we lucky?


Source: Tiger Beat
Date: 1997
Author: unknown

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