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Home Improvement promos posted by Tim Allen

On November 23rd, Tim Allen posted a collection of Home Improvement promos, used for promoting of the then new show for the 1991 fall line-up on ABC. 

The promos includes some scenes which was not used in the actual show – so take a look – there might be some you haven’t seen before.

Little did they know how big a success the show would become.

It of cause features Jonathan Taylor Thomas along his co-stars Zachery Ty Bryan, Taran Noah Smith, Patricia Richardson and of cause Tim Allen, but doesn’t include either Earl Hindman (Wilson) nor Richard Karn (Al Borland). 

I cool flashback to what in time was to become a highly popular and successful show, with a lot of great moments, and not least create the foundation for Jonathan’s career as an actor and teen idol.

You can follow Tim Allen’s Youtube channel for more great fun (though recently mostly about his rebuild of an old car).


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