December 14th – Who’s teasing JTT?

Continuing the Wild America theme. This article from the February 1997 issue of 16 Magazine, reveals the a bit of the plot, but who's actually teasing JTT? Who's teasing JTT? Uh, it’s Devon, Actually, and tormenting JTT is more like it!   HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE dropped into a pool of water, yanked

December 1st – JTT helps you plan your Christmas party

December 1st - Jonathan Taylor Thomas Helps You Plan Your Christmas Party!

Starting 25 days of Christmas with a little guide on how to plan the perfect party from 1997 issue of 16 Magazine. Each day until Christmas we will post an article from the archive. Parties are a favorite way to celebrate birthdays, holidays, a football victory, or the start of summer

Celebrate JTT’s Birthday

Your top teen star turns 14 - He's ready to be the Man of Your House 4-free! Don't look now, but September 8 is right around the corner - all JTT lovers know what that signifies: it's the day Jonathan Taylor Thomas turns fabulous 14! What'll Jonathan be up to on that

Jonathan Needs Your Help… Right Now!

He gave his all at Nickelodeon's The Big Help-A-Thon to prove that kids can make a difference! Home Improvement's Jonathan Taylor Thomas is here to spill a couple of very big secrets he's discovered by working in showbiz! One: If kids and teens are motivated to do so, they can move mountains. Two: Adults

JTT My Holiday surprise for you!

Guess what's in the box & win it, with love from JTT! There is nothing like the end-ofthe-year holiday season to bring out the good cheer in your favourite stars. And what a year it's been for a special favourite, Jonathan Taylor Thomas! Check it out: 1994 is the year he became