Jonathan Taylor Thomas
There was a time, though, when Jonathan participated actively in team sports, and it’s an experience he looks back on very fondly. “I played club soccer for eight years,” he explained. “I loved it. We got to travel all around competing. That was my game. It was the sport both my brother and I excelled at, and we really liked it.”

Now as you probably know, Jonathan is a pretty humble guy, so of course he just smiled modestly when we asked him to tell us how good he really is at the sport he loves best. We have a feeling that he’s a pretty solid player, though, due to quickness, agility, and natural athletic talent. What he did share, however, were the details of different positions he’s played.

“I was a defensive player. I played right fullback. I was pretty tough on the defensive side.”

CONSIDERING Actually, when they did put me on forward, I did well, but I liked playing defense best. I liked getting in there and having to stop the other team’s star player, you know, and having to face off with an opponent.” Just as we thought – he got game. 😉

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