Jonathan Taylor ThomasPart of the fun of being a sports fan, of course, is following your favorite teams. Whether you’re cheering them to victory or taking their defeat personally at best, a true fan will support said team no matter what kind of season they’re having. When we asked Jonathan what teams have his heart, he replied without hesitation, “The Chicago Bears and the Boston Celtics.

Gotta love ’em.” [Note: The Bears and the Celtics are professional football and basketball teams, respectively.]

As you can see, Jonathan’s favorite teams tend to be located in major, east coast cities (which is not to say he wouldn’t be up for a good Lakers game once in a while). True to form, Jonathan told us his Major League Baseball loyalties lie in New York. Without a doubt, his favorite team is the Mets. “I guess I’m not a Yankees fan,” he said thoughtfully. “You’re either a Mets or a Yankees fan – you can’t be both.”

Being the sweetheart that he is, Jonathan was hesitant about mentioning a team that he actually despises, even though a lot of athletic fan-dom is based on rivalries. He did admit, however, that a certain NYC basketball team isn’t his favorite. “I’m not a big [New York] Knicks fan,” he confessed. “I like Patrick Ewing, but I just don’t like the team, because they always seem so cocky and rude.” So you see, good manners are important, even if your jump shot is unbeatable!

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