Jonathan with Michelle Trachtenberg

CALLING ALL CLUB KIDS (Club soccer, that is)

We have a feeling that if Jonathan’s schedule was a little less crazy, he would like the chance to play organized team sports. As it happens, though, Jonathan has found that it’s more feasible to jump in on a pick-up game whenever he has the time. “I don’t play on any actual sports teams, but I do play basketball, soccer, and hockey.” (You see? It’s all about multi-tasking.)

In fact, one of Jonathan’s happiest grade school memories has to do with impromptu, rough and tumble games on the playground. When asked to name one thing he’d like to do before he’s all grown up, Jonathan replied, “Probably have a football game with my friends. Just get a bunch of guys together and go down to the park and have a football game, like we used to in fifth grade after school.”

Smiling at the thought of it, Jonathan told us, “We’d all stick around after school and play tackle football, throwing each other into the grass and getting our shirts all grass-stained.” Sounds like an ideal guy afternoon to us!

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