Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Clearly, even the most dedicated of sports fans are sometimes forced to make choices. Despite the modern conveniences of things like satellite dishes and Direct TV, you just can’t watch every match-up in every sport. (For instance, what is one to do in that happy few weeks in the fall when baseball and football are simultaneously in season?)

We asked Jonathan to tell us which one he would go for in the (unspeakable) event that he could watch only ONE sport. All things considered, the choice wasn’t too difficult. “Probably college football,” he said decisively. “In a lot of ways, it’s bigger than the NFL (when you really think about it). I mean, look at stadiums like State College in Pennsylvania, when it’s minus-twenty degrees and there are still a hundred-thousand people in the stands screaming and going nuts. It’s great. I love watching it and getting into it. I have a lot of respect for the athletes’ ability, and it’s just fun. It’s entertaining to see two great teams battling back and forth.”

Between Jonathan and his brother Joel, it seems pretty clear what’s happening in the Thomas household around Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Both holidays are action-packed with college football bowl games and championships. Amidst all that spectator excitement, who has time to sit down for a traditional dinner of (tofu) turkey?

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