Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Celebrity Sightings continues to bring you exclusive information about Jonathan’s personality, likes, and dislikes that you can’t get anywhere else. (What can we say? An official website’s work is never done.) If you happen to love both Jonathan AND “Sports Center,” these updates definitely have you covered. Read on for slam-dunk stats on Jonathan’s favorite sports, number one teams, athletic older brother, and club soccer career.

ALL IN THE FAMILY (aka “Where to find Jonathan & Joel on any given Sunday”)

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Have you ever tried to capture the attention of a boyfriend, brother, dad, or guy friend on a weekend afternoon, only to be told politely that you’re blocking the TV? Watching sports is a time-honored, boy-bonding tradition, and it’s always been one of Jonathan’s favorite things to enjoy with his big brother Joel. “I come from a family that has always liked sports,” Jonathan explained. “My brother is an athlete, so that’s something we’ve always done [together]. It’s always been a staple. We watch the Superbowl, the NBA playoffs, the college Final Four, the World Series – it’s always been like that. Sports have always been really important, because it’s something that we enjoy so much. I just love watching them.”

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