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December 5th – In your dreams

Today’s article features dream stories sent to BB Magazine by fans of actors like Andrew Keegan, Brad Renfro, Jonathan Brandis, Devon Sawa and of cause Jonathan Taylor Thomas. 

In your dreams

A revealing look at what goes on in your head when the lights go out

Hiya, Boppers! A few months back we asked for your celeb-studded dreams and you responded big-time. So big, in fact, that there was no way we could even begin to publish one-zillionth of the responses! But we want to thank all of you dreamers for sharing, and we hope that you’ll enjoy a sampling of the dreams we received.

While pouring over the amazingly creative details of your fantasies, and in some cases, nightmares, certain trends emerged—Jonathan Taylor Thomas is definitely prime husband material, Devon Sawa is a true romantic and Brad Renfro is a wisecrack. Although not all of your dreams revolved around romance, hooking up with a studly star was definitely the most cited fantasy.

So, in an effort to reveal the complexity of a true Bopper’s subconscious thoughts, we’ve included the sweet, the sad and the just plain bizarre recollections of your match-making dreams. So grab your pillow and lets begin!

To get us in a dreamy mood, we thought we’d start out with a couple of classic, fairy tale-like dreams. Our first comes from Amber Wood of Decaturville, Indiana.

In my dream, I am a medieval princess. I’m walking along a path surrounded by beautiful flowers. I’m wearing a long, lilac-colored dress with bell cuffs and a high waist. My long brown hair is swept to the top of my head and I am wearing a tiara. I am singing to myself and dancing ballet-like.

Suddenly, I hear the sound of horse hooves hitting the path behind me.
I turn and see a black horse with Jonathan Taylor Thomas on top! He is dressed in white with a cape draped around his shoulders. On top of his head rests a gold crown.
His wonderful blue eyes are shining and he’s smiling that gorgeous, dimpled smile of his. His sandy hair is blowing slightly with the wind.
I am left speechless.
He dismounts his horse and walks slowly toward me. I have no idea what to say as he takes my hand and kisses it.

My heart is melting. I can barely breathe. We don’t have to speak— our eyes do it for us. We stand there for a long time gazing into each other’s eyes.

Finally, J.T.T. helps me onto the horse. He sits in front, and I hold on to his waist. The horse trots down the path toward the castle in the distance and the story ends happily. Very happily. Need I say more?

No, Amber, we get the picture—it happens to be one shared by many of our readers. However, in Benson, Arizona reader Rachel Wilson‘s medieval romance, a different hunky hero is responsible for a bittersweet ending.

I was a woman who was captured by an opposing family. 

They took all the women of my family for ransom. The hero was my knight in shining armor, the gorgeous Jonathan Brandis. He was from another family and was known for his fighting skills. In the end, the bad guys were defeated.

Throughout the whole dream I fell deeper in love with Sir Jonathan and at the end we got married, but only after we had our first child. My family then disowned me because they despised Jonathan’s family. So, we went to France and lived happily ever after.

Although we’re certainly not here to pass judgment, we’d like to add that it’s customary to have a child only after one weds. Perhaps subconsciously Amber knew this, which is the real reason her family disowned her.

At this time it would be prudent to point out that despite the many talents of our BB staff, we are not professional psychoanalysts. Therefore, in order to avoid putting you through some type of Freudian self-examination, take our comments for what they’re worth—not a whole heck of a lot!

Now, enough of the period pieces, let’s take it to the present. We finish off our so-sweet romantic dreams with one of our personal faves (because it takes place at BB HQ and we’re excited to know that our subliminal messages are seeping in) from Christy Johnson of Hallsville, Ohio.

The dream started as I was arriving at BB headquarters. I was the winner of the Fly Free to Hollywood contest! I was beyond excited! I went inside and I went up to the front desk. There was a long, white box of roses on top of the desk. Beside the box was an envelope with my name on it. I opened it and read the card. It said, “Turn around.” I turned around slowly and there, standing in front of me, was Devon Sawa. He was holding a little white teddy bear. He opened his arms and said, “How about a hug?” When he put his arms around me I felt as if my heart was going to explode. As we hugged, he whispered, “Congratulations, Christy,” in my ear. The sound of his voice and his breath on my ear sent cold chills throughout my entire body.

…We went to this really cool dance club. There were a few other stars there, too. A fast dance song was playing so we sat that one out (since he doesn’t like to fast dance). When that song went off, a slow song came on. It was “Remember Me This Way.” He held out his hand, just like in Casper, and led me to the middle of the dance floor. He pulled me into his arms and as our bodies swayed to the music, I felt his heart beating the same rhythm as mine. At the end of the song, he bent his head down and kissed me. His lips felt so soft and warm against mine. It was a feeling I’ll never forget.

Alas, not all dreams have happy endings. A few of your dreams revealed an uncharacteristic mean-streak in some of our favorite
heartthrobs. Here’s a real bummer of a dream Crystal Cotter of Sparks, Nevada had about her fave guy.

The setting was in a strange kitchen with people I didn’t know, besides Andrew Keegan. Andrew was eating some cheesy-type food-thing and drinking a cappuccino.

Now, it’s a new day and Andrew was asked if he wanted another cappuccino. He made this gesture that looked like he was throwing up and said, “No thanks, ma’am. I’m lactose intolerant.” Then I said, “Well I’m lactose intolerant also.” Andrew and I went back to this large shack and we were sitting on bean bags and there were a lot of blankets around. We got to know each other and we exchanged phone numbers.

I would call him every day and he wouldn’t return any of my phone calls. Then one day at school we were re-acquainted and I started yelling at him for not returning my calls.

Unfortunately, Crystal was awakened by the sound of her window fan before she could finish her dream. However, Crystal added that she knows if she ever did meet Andrew in person, he would be anything but rude. We here at BB, who know how sweet Andrew is in real life, agree.

Dreams - Brad Renfro and Jonathan Taylor Thomas in Tom and Huck
In your dreams – Brad Renfro and Jonathan Taylor Thomas in Tom and Huck

Lest you think only Andrew played a dreamy jerk, read on. Jennifer Hawkins of West St. Paul, Minnesota also dreamt of a rude
encounter with her favorite celeb, Brad Renfro. Yet in Jennifer’s dream this sour puss turned into a real sweetheart.

I am in the kitchen of my house. I look out the sliding glass door and who do I see? I see Brad Renfro and J.T.T. They’re in the process of making Tom and Huck.

Brad was leaning against a tree so I decided I would go and talk to him. As I approached him he kind of rolled his eyes. I ignored that.
The moment I was standing close to him he said, “What do you want!” I was so surprised. I just stood there. He was being such a jerk! Then he walked away. I was really bummed. So, I had the perfect plan to get back at Brad!

I was hiding behind a tree and Brad was about one foot away from me. They had just started filming when he noticed me there.
I just smiled at him. He started saying his lines, then I threw leaves at him. He paused for a minute, then continued. I threw more leaves. He looked at me as if he was surprised or something. I somehow maintained a straight face while I looked at Brad, who was now covered in leaves. Then he just started laughing.

He apologized for being such a jerk. Then he grabbed my wrist and we started running down the street. We got on a bus and went to the Mall of America. I bought him a blue T-shirt—he looked VERY cute. Then I showed him around the mall. We went on a few rides at Camp Snoopy and he won a HUGE, pink teddy bear for me.

Perhaps, as Jennifer’s dream illustrates, fighting fire with fire really does work!

To finish off our jerky dreams, here’s one from Summer Robinson of Visalia, California, starring the most unlikely of jerks, Jonathan Taylor Thomas.

I was walking down Hollywood Boulevard when J.T.T. walked past me. I was just standing there when J.T.T. tripped over my big foot and broke his leg. He and his mom were really mad so they took me to court. I asked all of my friends to come to court to be on my side, but they ended up on J.T.T.’s side!

J.T.T. won so I had to go to jail. But it was okay because Brad Pitt was one of my guards.

It seems as if Summer may have some serious misconceptions about prison life. Perhaps doing time with Brad Pitt would make jail a bit more bearable, but…

Anyway, not all of your bad boy dreams had to do with just bad attitudes. Quite a few of you dreamt about studly celebs fighting for your affection. (We’d like to note that Andrew Keegan was a contender in every one.) So, from the pillow of Melissa Leets of Miami, Florida, here’s our fave starring two of your faves, Andrew and Devon.

It was the end of a long, long school day, as usual. As I was walking, Devon Sawa came up to me and started a conversation. Here I am, thinking to myself, “Oh, oh, is he coming to tell me that I have a piece of lettuce stuck in my teeth or that my zipper is down?” But then words came out of his mouth: “Hi, can I walk with you?” A sigh of relief came over me. “Sure,” I answered.

Well, as we were walking, somehow the body and face changed and Devon became Andrew Keegan. Another weird change happened and Andrew and I were laying down watching TV with some friends. Suddenly I could feel him leaning over about to kiss me, his minty breath blending in with mine, his soft cheek touching mine, when suddenly the scene changed AGAIN.

Now, I was in my kitchen with Devon and Andrew. They were sitting at my table. Both of them were eating brownies. Suddenly I got up to get a paper towel to clean the crumbs when I heard arguing. Andrew stood up and said, “No, she’s mine, and you stay away from her!” Devon quickly stood up and replied back, “Yeah, right. You know I’m the one for her.” I stood back and watched as the most cutest guys battled over me. But, out of nowhere, Devon came up to me and was going to push his red, soft lips against mine when…

Ah! Thanks to Melissa’s mom waking her up, we don’t know how this sweet dream ends. And, well, speaking of ending…here’s one final sweet, yet rather bizarre, dream from Marianne Ziegler of Charlotte, North Carolina.

It took place at Planet Hollywood in New York. My mom and I were standing in a horizontal line along with about 1,000 teen-age girls. All of a sudden, a big, white limo was driving through the crowd. Then the door swung open and out popped Jonathan Taylor Thomas with a big grin on his face. Girls lunged at him like he was a precious jewel. So he took off running toward this outdoor, Hawaiian stage.

He meant the world to me so I ran my fastest to get to him. When all the girls got there, two big, fat men took J.T.T. inside. I looked back at the limo but all I saw was a bunch of sand. Before I knew it,
I was the only girl out there. So I went inside. Planet Hollywood was beautiful. It was four stories high and the fifth floor was made of glass. I went from level to level searching for him. When I reached the glass level, there he was with the 1,000 girls. He was lying on a blue carpet with his shirt off playing with cars. He stopped playing and said, “I will let three girls come up and talk to me.” Luckily, I was picked as the third girl. But he got up, grabbed my hand, and made me jump through the glass with him into a soft pile of pure, white silky feathers. Then we raced down the stairs and then he left me.

I searched everywhere for him but couldn’t find him. So I went to check out the shop. When I went to buy a T-shirt, J.T.T. came up to me on a black mustang. I burst out laughing because he looked like Zorro. Then I became a Spanish maiden. I hopped on his horse and we rode away!

We won’t even begin to fathom the details of this dream. Perhaps it would be best to accept this simple definition of all dreams from Ashley Poteet of Williford, Arkansas: “A dream is a wish your heart makes.”
Works for us.
Sweet dreams, Boppers.

Source: BB Magazine
Date: unknown
Author: unknown

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