“Tom & Huck” released on DVD

Tom and Huck logo. Copyright Buena Vista Digital.

"Tom & Huck" was realesed on DVD in the US on May 6th, and is now shipping from various stores including Amazon, DVDEmpire and more. The DVD doesn't contain any new footage, nor any special features. A lot of kids get into trouble. These two invented it. America's most famous teenager, Jonathan Taylor

Boy Wonder

Hollywood wants Jonathan Taylor Thomas, teen idoldom's beau ideal, to be the next Macaulay Culkin. He’d prefer to be the next Ron Howard Head down, fingers interlaced as if in prayer, thirteen-year-old Jonathan Taylor Thomas is sitting in the rough-hewn witness dock of Tom and Huck's faux 19th-century courtroom, silent and still for what seems

You Can Call Him Tom… Tom Sawyer, That is!

Catch JTT in his next big screen role! Ain't no stopping' Jon Taylor Thomas now, he's on the move! And his next project is to head down south to star as Tom Sawyer in a film based on Mark Twain's classic novel. Tom's parents has passed away, he lives with his