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Jonathan agrees that the president has something of a moral obligation brought on by his position, but feels it should NOT get in the way of his duties as a leader. As he put it, “We’re being counterproductive by focusing so much attention on this… How can [Clinton] be the President if he’s constantly being heckled and having to deal with things like his deposition? Or whether he’s going to have to go to jail? And yes, the President does have an obligation to be a moral person and to set a moral example for people in this country. We look to Bill Clinton - JTT Up Close - Celebrity Sightings
the President (and kids look up to the President) as the representative of the United States of America, the most powerful country in the free world. This is our representative, this is the best we have to offer. In essence, Republicansthis is what it’s supposed to be, this is our leader. He does have the obligation to be an upstanding person. But at the same time, they’re just prolonging it, they’re dragging it on and on and on, and it’s taking away from the regular actions of the government. They (conservative leaders) are just trying to bring him down – it’s just politics.”

The question remains: will voters ever see Jonathan’s name on a ballot? As he said in a recent Teen Magazine interview, “I wouldn’t mind going into politics if I could do it with dignity.

It’s one way of making a difference.” And what a difference such an intelligent, rational, and well-intentioned leader could make!

That wraps up this edition of “Up Close with Jonathan Taylor Thomas.” If that simply won’t satisfy your need for more on the hottest teen in Hollywood, click on “Event Update” for the latest news on Jonathan’s life and career. Until next time, log in and peace out!

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