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Those of you who read and swoon over every Jonathan Taylor Thomas article ever printed surely know that he is extremely bright and always aware of current events. Though he is most interested in international politics, it seems no one can escape coverage of the controversy surrounding Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky! Jonathan offered a very astute and well-thought out perspective on the situation, saying, “Let it go. Come on! I think the fact that we spend thirty million dollars trying to prove this guy did something illicit in the Oval Office is ridiculous.

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It’s like, take that money and do something productive with it. …We are at a time now where people don’t have respect for our country. Let’s not smear the President any more. Let’s get down to basics, let’s fix this stuff. Let him concentrate on his job.”

Jonathan feels that the president is being needlessly distracted from his most important duties. Clinton seems to be caught in the crossfire of a political and moral battle, but it’s really about the two mainstream parties’ opposition to each others views. In the meantime (judging from the sheer volume of media coverage the scandal has received) attention to other international and domestic issues seems to have decreased.


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In terms of his own party affiliation, Jonathan was quick to say “I’d vote for the best man. I tend to be more in keeping with Democratic candidates. I just like their agendas better. I like what they have to say and I like the areas that they seem more focused on. I think there are times when we need Democratic presidents, as well as times when we need Republican presidents to pull us out of economic situations.”


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