(c) Celebrity Sightings
(c) Celebrity Sightings

Of course we don’t have to tell you about the major change in the life and career of superstar Jonathan Taylor Thomas – fans around the world have been clamoring for more details ever since the story broke. Admittedly, the news of Jonathan’s sudden departure from “Home Improvement” came as a bit of a shock (we heard there were girls in tears in the CS chat lounge)! As Jonathan’s only official website, Celebrity Sightings was proud to bring you the complete and accurate story the moment it was announced.

In addition to being able to concentrate more on his studies, Jonathan is thrilled about the prospect of taking on new challenges and edgy roles, and the future is undeniably bright for this talented young actor. (Click on “Event Update” for more info on his new independent film “Speedway Junky.” FYI – Jonathan has warned us this that is his most “adult” movie to date, so if you’re not allowed to see R-rated flicks, this might not be the one for you.) In this edition of “Up Close,” Jonathan shares his insights about growing up and maintaining his identity, as well his position on the controversy surrounding President Bill Clinton.

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