Celebrity Sightings - Up Close - October 1998Jonathan does acknowledge that a lot of people his age go through those phases – they’re trying on personalities to see if they fit. Even though the motivations are easy to understand, that’s never been his scene:
“You see people searching for an identity, jumping around trying to find out who they are. I’ve never been in that boat…. I’m very fortunate that way. I’ve never had to go out there and really search for who I am. I mean, I do think we’re always on that journey anyway, but I’ve never had to express myself through style.”


Celebrity Sightings - Factoid
Häagen-DassJava, anyone? When we asked Jonathan about his favorite midnight snack, he replied, “I like coffee yogurt – anything with coffee in it. And Haagen Daz coffee ice cream. There’s nothing better.”


“When people try to find something and they don’t know how to express themselves, they might slap on dark makeup and dark clothes and they think that’s it. ‘This is how I express myself. I’m dark, I’m Gothic, this is me.’ I don’t know, I just think it’s kind of funny when people express themselves through clothing or makeup. And it’s just kids trying to search for an identity – trying to find out who they are. But people mature, they change… They find their niche and their perspective changes too. I’ve just been lucky that I’ve never felt the need to [change my identity and take on a new one].”

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