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Jonathan turns 30 today

Jonathan Taylor Thomas then and now

Believe it or not, today Jonathan Taylor Thomas turns 30. It’s been almost 6½ years since he was last seen, which happened in the Veronica Mars episode called “Weapons of Class Destruction”, which aired in the US on April 12th, 2005.

The first time Jonathan appeared on TV was in two episodes of “The Bradys”, which aired in February 1990, 21 years ago.

Then of cause he landed the role of Randy Taylor in the hit series “Home Improvement“, were we the fans followed him for 7 seasons.

Huffington Post has posted a short message, which includes a recent picture of Jonathan picture original posted by Patricia Richardson on her Twitter account a couple of weeks back.

The original pictures can be found at and

Looking at Twitter, it seems a lot of people still remember Jonathan: JTT trending on Twitter

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