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Home Improvement’s Taylor Thomas heading for college

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas
LOS ANGELES (CNN) — As he prepares to see his last episode of “Home Improvement” with the broadcast of Tuesday’s Christmas show, Jonathan Taylor Thomas is looking toward college but he wants to be accepted to a top school based on his merit, not his celebrity.

“People have said, ‘Oh, you’re a celebrity and that will help you get into a school,'” Thomas tells USA Weekend. “My answer has always been, ‘OK, great, so I get into a school based on my name. But how will I fare once I’m there? If I can’t be competitive, it’s a waste of my time.'”

The 17-year-old actor has been part of the “Home Improvement” cast since he did the pilot in 1991. He is ending a career that brings him what industry insiders estimate is no less than $50,000 a show. “It is walking away from a lot, and I know that,” Thomas told USA Weekend on his last day of taping. But, he added of his entertainment career, “I don’t want to grow up in this business and only know this business,” he said.

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