Happy 35th birthday Jonathan

Jonathan Taylor Thomas 35th Birthday

Today, Thursday September 8th, 2016, it's 35 years since Jonathan Taylor Thomas was born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. At the age of 6 he started acting in commercials, and at the age of 9 he landed the role that should change his life forever - the role as Randy Taylor on the

Veronica Mars Hits DVD

Veronica Mars poster

Mystery, scandal and drama surround Veronica Mars as she stakes out dark alleys and seedy motels searching for her best friend's killer and a way to clear her father's name. On October 11, uncover the edgy, cult hit from Executive Producer Joel Silver (of The Matrix Trilogy) with the release of

Veronica Mars Photo Gallery, “Weapons Of Class Destruction”

Veronica Mars poster

We have now added 7 promotional images of Jonathan Taylor Thomas starring in the TV-series Veronica Mars. Jonathan plays Ben in the episode titled "Weapons of Class Destruction" which airs on April 12th, 2005. After several fire drills and bomb threats rock Neptune High, Veronica looks to new student Ben as a

Veronica Mars Update

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The Following info just arrived from The Futon Critic regarding Jonathan Taylor Thomas' guest appearance on Veronica Mars ----------------- Air Date: 4/12/05 (TUESDAY) Time Slot: 9:00 PM-10:00 PM EST on UPN Episode Title: "Weapons of Class Destruction" VERONICA INVESTIGATES HER CLASSMATES WHEN A SERIES OF BOMB THREATS ROCK NEPTUNE HIGH Jonathan Taylor Thomas ("Home Improvement") Guest

Veronica Mars, “Neptune Undercover”

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas is said to be playing a character where there are incriminating photos of him loading fertilizer into a car (for a bomb perhaps?). But, it could be that Thomas' character is actually working "undercover," hence the title. Tentative Air Date: April 12, 2005 We will keep you up to date. You