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Harvey Fierstein heads to Akron – and to cable TV

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As part of Akron, Ohio’s Out in Akron Queer Festival, playwright and actor Harvey Fierstein will be performing his one-person show, This Is Not Going to Be Pretty on Saturday night (October 9), reports the Akron Beacon Journal. In a telephone interview with the paper, Fierstein also discussed Common Ground, the gay-themed Showtime movie scheduled for February 2000, which Fierstein cowrote with Paula Vogel and Terrence McNally. The three-part film, which follows one character across 50 years in a small U.S. town (despite the movie’s being filmed in Toronto), looks at “how it’s changed to be gay in the regular world,” Fierstein told the paper. The ensemble cast of Common Ground includes Ed Asner, Eric Stoltz, Steven Weber, Mimi Rogers, Beau Bridges, Brian Kerwin, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Fierstein also discussed his project with Showtime’s pay-cable rival, HBO. His The Sissy Duckling, an HBO animated special for children, with the voices of Dionne Warwick, Sharon Stone, Melissa Etheridge, and Andy Dick, is currently airing (check local listings).

Source: The Advocate

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