Patricia Richardson and Tim Allen on the set of Last Man Standing

Jill and Tim are back together! Well, sort of. Patricia Richardson will guest star on Tim Allen’s show, ‘Last Man Standing’ — and yes, there will be ‘Home Improvement’ jokes.
Patricia Richardson definitely gave us one of our favorite holiday gifts — a Home Improvement reunion. The actress who portrayed Jill Taylor will guest star on the Jan. 9 episode of Tim Allen‘s new show, Last Man Standing, and she even is wearing two of the same outfits she wore on the ’90s show. See the pics here.

‘Home Improvement’ Reunion
Could the Home Improvement crew be getting back together? Well, at least the two heads of the household! Patricia, who played Tim’s beloved wife, Jill, on the classic show, hasn’t been on a comedy sitcom since their show wrapped in 1999.

Pat’s character will be Helen Potts, a neighbor whose loud power tools are driving the homes around crazy — yes, she uses tools, a perfect but not-too-gimmicky tribute to HI.

“We do pay an homage,” Tim told TVGuide.com. “It’s a delicate balance, it’s a goof.”

Another goof is on their relationship. During the filming of the episode, Pat admitted it was weird to not be playing his wife and to watch Nancy Travis do it.

Patricia Richardson: Tim Was ‘Mine First’
“When you two went and did a bedroom scene the other day and got into bed I thought, ‘What’s she doing in bed with him? Get that woman out of here!,’” Pat said to Tim on set. “It’s a little weird!”

She even went on to say that she felt a little territorial!

“He’s done a million movies with some of the best actresses in the world,” she said. “He’s worked with all of these incredible people so I’ve gotten used to seeing him with other women. Whenever I see him with other people I think, ‘Well, he was mine first.’”

Anyway, during the episode, Patricia will be wearing two outfits that she also wore during Home Improvement — she shared pics on her Twitter page. After the episode airs, she will be auctioning them off for CurePSP. Patricia isn’t the first alum to join Last Man Standing. Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Richard Karn have both guest starred in the past.

Are you excited, HollywoodLifers?

— Emily Longeretta
Hollywood Life
January 2nd, 2015

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