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Common Ground Premieres

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Showtime debuts Common Ground – which traces the experiences of gays in America from the 1950s to the present – Saturday night. Helmed by lesbian director Donna Dietch, the three-part movie begins with Paula Vogel’s play, “A Friend of Dorothy’s,” about a young woman who returns to Homer, Conn., after receiving a dishonorable discharge from the Navy for sexual deviance. “Mr. Roberts,” Terrence McNally’s contribution, carries life in Homer to the 1970s and the tough coming of age of Toby Anderson (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), a high school senior, scholar, swimmer, and pianist who is taunted and beaten up by his classmates when they discern that he isn’t like them. The third teleplay, “Andy and Amos,” by Harvey Fierstein, centers around the marriage ceremony of Amos (James Le Gros) and Andy (Andrew Airlie). The occasion provides Homer with a cause celebre in 2000. The cast also includes Jason Priestley, Edward Asner, Beau Bridges, Margot Kidder, and Steven Webber.

Source: The Advocate

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