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TV, film stars among those headed to college

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(Clockwise from top left) Issac Hanson, Tatyana Ali, Ben Savage and Claire Danes
LOS ANGELES (CNN) — Millions of students all across the country are headed back to school, and that includes some knowledge-seeking TV and movie stars. Among the celebrities who are hitting the books this fall: Singer/actress Tatyana Ali will study at Harvard. Claire Danes will be at Yale, while fellow actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas is taking time off to study so he can get into Yale. And Ben Savage has been accepted to Stanford and will attend in ’99.

Kellie Martin, who attends Yale, says her fellow celebrities will get no special treatment. “I am so humbled there,” she says. “I mean, people say things and I’m just like, ‘Wait, let me think about that for a few minutes before I try to respond to you.’ I’m always put in my place there.”

Source: CNN ShowBuzz

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