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    Oh yeah, it’s really sad that people have a need to feel important this way. Some I guess try to associate themselves with Jonathan for attention. Good post!


    I do not know if Jamie Taylor and Jon are together. I do not know either of them, I am just a fan of Jonathan. Since I don’t know them, I wouldn’t know. And many on this board I’m sure are just fans like me who can’t know for sure.

    I don’t really mind talking about the rumors that have been going around, although I agree that we’ve said everything to be said about Natalie Wright. But I know it gets to some people when there is talk about the rumors so I’m trying not to really get into it on here. That’s my views but I don’t want to argue with other fans either.


    Why are you on a message board about Jonathan if you don’t want to talk about him? People should accept the fact that Jonathan was probably the most famous child of the 90s and people of our generation will always know him. The fact is, he might not be getting work but the interest will always be there from some people. People come to message boards to talk about him. They can and will. Accept the fact that Jonathan will never have a normal, private life. One aspect is, he is living off millions he made by marketing himself.

    My mistake, she said she has a connection to Jonathan not that she knew him. I only brought up Natalie because that’s what gave me the impression that she didn’t have any connections to Jonathan. I have valid questions and had every right to ask. So I did. But that’s all I have to say on this.


    Why would Jonathan answer questions here but not do an interview? Why won’t he give an interview?

    JonBon, in the engaged thread you made a big post about how you thought it was true. How could you not know if something that big was true, that had been going around for months. How could you not have asked your cousin and found out if it was true or not? I am wondering because if it was me, I would have called my cousin like the week it started and found out if it was true.

    That Liz James person is actually the mother, who posted on this board a little before it was deleted. One of her daughters is Jamie Taylor and others so I was actually wondering if one of the Taylor sisters is who you were referring to, not Liz James.

    I know IMDB isn’t always true but how could this Natalie girl get away with being so much in the spotlight for a while. If it weren’t true, wouldn’t she have gotten in trouble for that? Her myspace hasn’t been deleted and I mean, it was on a lot of websites and I know it’s on at least one right now still, not this one. Nothing has been done about it and if it weren’t true, she could have a lawsuit.


    Why doesn’t he just give an interview to Columbia’s magazine if he is willing to answer questions? I know lots of people want this and I don’t understand why he doesn’t do it especially if what you say is true about his friend.


    JonBon, also in that thread why did Natalie delete you on myspace if you had connections with Jonathan outside of myspace? I am just wondering. Because I don’t think that Natalie was deleting friends just fans that she recently added. So, that also gave me the impression that you didn’t know Jonathan. I am just telling you why I was saying what I did.

    Actually, IMDB had that Natalie and Jonathan were engaged before the myspace profile was given out. And I don’t think Jonathan knew she had fans on that page or really anything about her myspace like all the personal info given. She said her myspace was very personal and just for her family and close friends. But I think for a while she liked the attention that fans were giving her and so she added them. But I know stuff was said about them being together before the myspace.


    Oh ok, you can’t really distinguish who it is in the pictures so I was wondering. And with my own personal experiences with people claiming to know him on myspace and giving pictures.

    I am wondering because in the ‘engaged’ thread you said that you think Natalie really was with Jonathan and then in another thread you said you don’t think they were ever together. Don’t quote me on that, I am asking if that is true? So, it just didn’t seem to me that you knew Jonathan.

    Is the mother who worked on Home Improvement Liz James? A while ago, someone told me that she worked on Home Improvement and her daughters claimed to know Jonathan. So maybe that’s who you’re referring to? I am just wondering because there was some talk about them recently.

    But ok, thanks for the reply.


    I agree with you Jessica Kay. I can’t tell who that person is. You can’t see clearly, it could be anyone. I have seen pictures of him (or someone that looks like him?) that are more clear than that and lately, I have even been skeptical of who to believe. I don’t really think a true friend of Jonathan would talk about him and give out personal info. And on the chance they are, they shouldn’t be.


    I think if Jonathan wanted to give an interview he would do it in his school magazine or another legitimate publication. I don’t think he would do it through a ‘friend’ through a ‘friend’ on a message board. This has just gotten a little crazy.

    Have you ever actually met this person or do you just know them on myspace/AIM/email? Is this ‘friend’ affliated with Natalie Wright? I have seen some pretty real looking pictures but those pictures you posted could just be someone who looks like Jonathan. I mean, sure go ahead with this because it is better than nothing but something doesn’t seem right to me. But if I could ask Jonathan questions in an interview I would want to know:

    How does he choose who to date since a lot of girls may not want to date him for the right reasons?

    How does he respond to everything people said about his engagement to Natalie Wright?

    Does he plan on returning to acting next year?


    The video links at the bottom of this article aren’t working.

    Can they be fixed?


    Those are very good ideas! I have a question. Does anyone know where I can watch Jonathan’s guest appearance on Ally McBeal? I watched it on YouTube before but now I can’t find it. Can someone tell me where I can watch it again?


    I agree. Something that bothered me is that she told Jonathan that she would not post pictures of them together on her myspace. She does it anyway. And right after they breakup, she posts a picture of them together as her default! Is this how she handles a breakup? By trying to hurt Jonathan.

    Natalie is a liar! This is not defamation, it is the truth. She lied about many things! This girl obviously has problems and I can see why people don’t like her. I am so glad she is not with Jon anymore. Jonathan can do so much better than people like her.

    And you are right about her just wanting attention. She wants that. Although she can’t stand negative attention and does whatever she can to avoid it. I think she does this in personally bad ways.


    I repied to you guys who were already talking about it. In another thread, I did the same. The “engaged” thread is the only thread that I think I have just posted some facts about it. I mainly am just replying to other people talking about it. If you guys hadn’t brought it up in this thread, I would not have either. I do not plan on talking about it more unless I am replying to someone else. If something happens, and I want to post about it, I will just start a new thread.


    I think that poster was thinking of the other thread where I talk about what pictures were on Natalie’s myspace. I’m guessing they made a mistake by posting in this thread and meant to post in the other one. Anyway, that’s my guess.

    And you know what, people can talk about it if they want. She did put her business out there, what did she expect? I don’t think JonBon should have locked that other thread. After all, I did say I wasn’t going to post there anymore unless something big was going on. If you don’t want to talk about it anymore then just don’t talk about it and ignore people who are.


    I was planning on not talking about it anymore. I have said it all. I think his fans now have all the info they could want about it. It is definitely her on myspace though. Yeah, Jonathan probably didn’t know she was on myspace talking about him.

    I think a lot of people wanted to read what I had to say, which is why this board has gotten so many more people coming to it lately. But yeah, I’m finished unless something big happens which isn’t likely.

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