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  1. Hey jonathan,
    This is eve, please keep in touch with
    Me, ur the best actor in the whole
    Entire world!! Soooo hot,cute and
    Definetly gorgeous!! I’ve gotta meet
    U in person someday..

  2. Wow… this is somewhat nostalgic… last time I visited JTT Archive was when I was like 12, 13 yrs old… and now I’m 20 … gooosh… Well hope he will be active as a celebrity soon ^^

    Greetings from Sweden~~

  3. Jonathan,I have had the hots for u for a long time,since home improvement.When i got to meet you in Winter Garden,Fl, it was amazing,and i will never forget that moment.I actually started crying because i was so happy!!!The pic that i have of you and i together is just so priceless.I have to say I wish that your face could be seen on tv again.That smile is hot and you are good at what you do.I love all of your movies,but walking across egept is my favorite,only because i got to meet you at that church!!!

  4. The movie, Tom and Huck made me realize how great of an actor JTT is. Besides that his good looks and humor (on screen and hopefully in person) was and is very attractive in my eyes. I am from Trinidad, W.I. and, funny, after seeing Tom and Huck I wanted to start acting classes just to meet, and probably one day act with him. Unfortunately, things did not turn out in my favor, however my hopes to do so are still there. We were both born in the same year and are both fun individuals. Hats off to you JTT! Continue doing your best on screen or off screen.

  5. Jonathan Taylor Thomas will FOREVER be one of the BEST actors in Hollywood history, in fact he’s probably one of the greatest actors of ALL TIME. Aside from his gorgeous looks, that heart melting smile, and dreamy blue eyes; Jonathan has captured the hearts of so many of us throughout the years. Even though he is currently taking a break and living the life as normal as possible, we will always have his wonderful memories and phenominal performances like Home Improvement, Tom and Huck, The Lion King, Speedway Junkie, Common Ground, Wild America, and of course tv guest appearences such as Smallville, 8 Simple Rules, & Veronica Mars. I’ll always be a fan forever love you(:

  6. I am coming out years after JTT denied he was gay. I had an encounter with Jonathan in LA and we got a hotel room and had are own tool time. He whipped out his Big Benford. It was like a babies arm clutching and apple.

  7. It’s kinda sad that the last thing I saw you in was 8 Simple Rules. It would be great if you started acting again, because you’re what the acting world needs. It was also sad when you left Home Improvement, as I am a junkie for that show and beside from Tims explosions, you were always a highlight. Like every other female who has joined this website, yes, I think you’re “hot” however it’s a pity that you’re 13 years older than me -_______- oh well, hoping that we’ll see more of JTT in the next coming years. Xx

  8. Ohh emm gee its Johnathan 😀 mann..your so freakin cute you make my eyes water dude ;( but anywhoo, i love your acting skills, the way you put together each role and differant characteristics is aweesumm B) just to inform you, your OFFICIALLY my 2nd husband:) Joseph Gordan Levitt beat ya lol sorry.! if you ever start acting soon, make a movie about me, your future wifey:) lol i’m totally kidding, i have an amazazing boyfran named trey so looks like you gotta wait for me
    🙁 lol jp.! welp, i’ll message ya back some day i promise 🙂 god bless+)
    <3 i love you Trey Wayne VanCuren <3

  9. Hey i just wanted to say thanks for doing common ground, it really made me feel more comfortable about being gay when i was in high school, you did a great and noble thing lol, and please come back to the industry, you’re to young and handsome to not be doing anything 😛

  10. JTT… I have loved you since the day I laid eyes on you! Please come back and give us some of what we have been missing for so long… A new movie or T.V. show!

  11. Yes I have been a fan of JTT’s since I was a little girl. Seems as if he went into hiding from the world a while ago. Where is he now and how is he doing, I would love to see him on tv again! 😉

  12. jonathan taylor thomas is my fave actor i have watched just about every thing that he has been in
    i admire him for not be one of hollywood’s spoiled brats+)

  13. Great site! I wish it was more up-to-date though. It would be great to see what he’s been up to lately! Hope to see him in more movies soon — Its been too long! 🙂

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