A gallery of screen captures and photos from the 6th season of Home Improvement, which premiered on September 17th, 1996.

Tool Time visits the USS Constellation for a Salute to Engines; Jill (Patricia Richardson) catches Brad (Zachery Ty Bryan) making out with his girlfriend.
Original air date: September 17th, 1996

Tim (Tim Allen) is set in his morning routine and Jill wants him to be a bit more flexible. Each dreams about what life will be like for them when they are seniors, each just as disturbing.
Original air-date: September 24th, 1996

Tim (Tim Allen) and Jill (Patricia Richardson) go to a marriage workshop to learn more communication skills. Tim tells everyone about Jills faults. Jill brags about her education in psychology.
Original air-date: October 1st, 1996

Jill (Patricia Richardson) is invited to her Psychology Dept Potluck Dinner, but banned from taking food. Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) likes a girl at school but a friend of Brads asks her out. On Tool Time, a woman who knows more than Tim about cars is a guest.
Original air-date: October 8th, 1996.

When Al (Richard Karn) is asked to host an instructional video, he enlists Tim (Tim Allen) to direct it, but Tim becomes so obsessed with stylistic concerns that he runs wildly over schedule, and Al has to fire him.
Original air-date: October 15th, 2016.

Jill (Patricia Richardson) purchases a 1967 Austin Healey with some inheritance money; Tim (Tim Allen) is upset she purchased it without him. She tells him he cannot drive it, but of course, Tim does with the typical consequences.
Original air-date: October 22nd, 1996.

Its Halloween, and the pranks begin. Brad (Zachery Ty Bryan) and Randy (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) begin with a head in the microwave, Tim (Tim Allen) and Jill (Patricia Richardson) follow up with an actor playing a mysterious visitor. Brad and Randy find out and pretend to be frightened, causing Tim and Jill to worry.
Original air-date: October 29th, 1996.

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