Anna Kendrick at 'Cake' premiere, September 2014.
Anna Kendrick at ‘Cake’ premiere, September 2014.

Anna Kendrick thinks see was “peer pressured” into her first celebrity crush.

The 29-year-old Into the Woods actress was well aware of actor Jonathan Taylor Thomas as a youth, who quickly became a teenage heartthrob in his heyday after starring on TV show Home Improvement during the Nineties.

But Anna didn’t agree with her schoolmates on the subject of Jonathan’s attractiveness initially.

“I kind of got peer pressured into him being my first celebrity crush,” she explained to Entertainment Weekly. “All my friends loved Jonathan Taylor Thomas so I thought I should like Jonathan Taylor Thomas. And he’s very handsome obviously. I had posters and stuff on my wall, but it was kind of arbitrary. I would see a picture of him in a magazine and be like, ‘OK, I guess’.”

Anna even attempted to contact Jonathan as a pre-teen.

She and her teeny bopper friends crafted a grand plan to get his attention.

“I also wrote a letter to Jonathan Taylor Thomas. We were convinced that if you wrote ‘this is private’ on the outside, like private or confidential on the outside, then legally you had to only give it to that person,” she recalled. “So we thought that that would work and it did not.”

Anna is always bubbly and upbeat while in the spotlight, giving the impression the star is a lot younger than she actually is. But in reality, the stunning brunette recently spoke about how excited she is to reach the age of 30 next August. At that time Anna believes she’ll have officially become a “real adult”.

“I feel great about it. I wish I was there already,” she recently smiled to the British edition of Marie Claire when asked how she feels about hitting her third decade.

Source: Belfast Telegraph
Date: December 24th, 2014

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