Even if something seems complete, it can always be tooled with some more.

So it is with Home Improvement, the ABC sitcom that ran from 1991 to 1999. Though some original cast members are missing, the Tool Time gang – Tim Allen, Richard Karn and Debbe Dunning – gathers again for Tim Allen Presents: A User’s Guide to Home Improvement, an ABC special on Sunday.

Returning cast members appear both in and out of character, with Tim Taylor and Al Borland (played by Allen and Karn) presiding over another edition of their show-within-the-show, with assistance again provided by alluring “Tool Time Girl” Heidi (Dunning).

The result is an hourlong digest of Home Improvement clips, bloopers and remembrances. Earl Hindman, who played the fictional Tim’s wise and mostly unseen neighbor Wilson, also is on hand; co-stars Patricia Richardson, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Zachery Ty Bryan and Taran Noah Smith are seen in flashbacks.

“One of the questions people ask me a lot is, ‘Are you guys going to do a reunion show?’ ” Karn says, “and it’s been asked of Tim a lot, too. The way it worked out, though, this is more of a Tool Time reunion. In fact, most people come up to me and say they loved my show Tool Time. They don’t even call it Home Improvement.”

The latest host of the game show Family Feud, Karn was especially pleased to return to the Home Improvement set because “we had 95 percent of the original crew back.

“We had the same camera guys, the hair and makeup people were all the same, and we even had our old director (Andy Cadiff). It was just really fun to see everybody, and we fell right back into our old, comfortable routine. Even after four years, it felt more like going back after only a two-week hiatus.”

Source: Arizona Republic
Author: Jay Bobbin

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