Clyde Edgerton’s Walking Across Egypt is the heartwarming story of Mattie Rigsby whose unconventional path crosses that of Wesley Benfield, a 17 year old orphaned teenager who has been confined to a detention center. Mattie believes in helping the “lesser of these thy brethren.” Their relationship soon begins to fulfill an overwhelming and profound need in both of them. On the opposite ends of the cultural and generational spectrum, they prove “needing to be needed” knows no age or cultural barriers.

Set to star in the film are Ellen Burstyn (as Mattie) who won the Academy Award for “Alice Doesn’t Live here Anymore;” Jonathan Taylor Thomas (as Wesley) who starred eight seasons on “Home Improvement;” Mark Hamill (as Lamar) who starred in “Star Wars;” Kevin Pollak (as Robert) who was seen in “Grumpier Old Men,” and “Unusual Suspects;” Gail O’Grady (as Elaine) known for her Emmy nominated role in NYPD Blue;” Gwen Verdon (as Alora) who starred in “Damn Yankees” and “Marvin’s Room;” Harv Presnell (as Finner) whose latest film was “Saving Private Ryan;” Barbara Rush (as Pearl) who has starred in numerous films; and Patrick David (as Johnny) who portrayed Greg Louganis in a made-for-TV movie.

The script, based on Clyde’s novel, was penned by Paul Tamasy who wrote “Air Bud.” The director is Emmy Award winning Authur Allan Seidelman. The Director of Photography is Academy Award nominee Amy Vincent.

The film will be rated PG- 13 and be distributed world wide by a major studio.

Key Personnel

Director: Arthur Allan Seidelman – 4 Time Emmy Winner
Writer/Producer: Paul Tamasy
Producers: Heath McLaughlin, Bettina O’Mara, Madeline Bell – Academy Award Nominee
Dir. Of Photography: Amy Vincent – Academy Award Nominee

Jonathan Co-Stars
Ellen Burstyn as MattieMark Hamill as LamarKevin Pollack as Robert

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