Hold on to your hats everyone, we have some majorly stunning news for all you Jonathan Taylor Thomas fans.

Celebrity Sightings, has been asked to let you know that Jonathan will definitely be leaving the show during the new season in order to “concentrate on his preparation for a top university.”

Jonathan, who plays Randy Taylor, has been involved with this mega-successful TV show for more than seven years. He told CS, that he made the decision because even though he’s loved working with all the cast and crew on HI and he’s going to miss all of the fun and laughter on the set, he really wanted to be able to focus more on his studies.

As all his true fans will know, if they have been reading his official website, Jonathan is an extremely smart young man and his schoolwork has always played an important role in his life.

Of course we realize that the show is just never going to be the same without Jonathan, however Celebrity Sightings thinks that he has made a really smart decision and supports him 100% of the way.

So here’s the deal and remember where you heard it first.

Jonathan will be appearing in just two of the episodes of the new season which will begin airing September 22nd. There are also plans for Jonathan to film a homecoming episode around Christmas. Although there is no official word yet on the storyline which will explain Randy’s absence, but it’s possible that Randy may leave to study in a foreign country.

Jonathan has also asked CS to tell you that he’s looking forward to doing an on-line chat very soon so that he can let you know all about his plans.

So there you have it, a sad day for “Home Improvement” fans around the world but don’t despair too much, you’ll be able to see Jonathan again very soon when his latest movie “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” opens in theaters November 6th. We also have a feeling that Jonathan will be taking on some other really interesting roles in the near future!

Make sure you come back very soon for all the latest news about Jonathan on his only official web site!

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