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JTTJust like you, Jonathan is officially out of school for the summer (That is, except for our buds in the land down under – hang in there guys!) He’s an excellent student, but like everybody else, Jonathan has subjects he likes and subjects he’d rather avoid.

(It’s that whole “right-brained, left-brained” thing.) Here’s what this super-sharp celeb told CS about his academic preferences: “The hardest classes for me are probably things like chemistry and math. I’m more into English, history, and anything creative – that kind of stuff. Digits and equations just don’t do it for me! It would be one thing if I didn’t usually have such a heavy course load. But during the school year I take AP’s [advanced-placement courses that can be used for college credit] and honors classes, and that keeps me busy!” Keep in mind that this guy has to study AFTER a long day on the set of “Home Improvement.” (Starbucks, anyone?)

History, Science, Math AAHHH ! In fact, when we asked Jonathan to tell us what invention would make his life ten times easier, he replied, “If I could transform all the books and material I have to read for school into someone reading it to me in a way that I would guaranteed to retain it!” Hmmmm, quick and easy information recall – how cool would that be? “Yeah, because there’s SO much (chapter upon chapter of material) that I’m constantly trying to absorb at twelve o’clock at night. [Ideally,] someone could condense it and just give it to me in one chunk.”

Okay guys, that’s it for this awesome edition of “Up Close With Jonathan Taylor Thomas.” As always, CS will absolutely be back with more on the hottest teen in Hollywood. We promise our next edition will be 100% worth the wait!! Watch this space for Jonathan’s introspective look at growing up and how he’s changed (or hasn’t) over the years! Until then: Log in and peace out!

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