Jonathan prays for a hole in 1 !But as Jonathan himself pointed out, there’s something about this game that keeps its frustrated players coming back. Hit the sweet spot once, and you could play all afternoon trying to master it! As Jonathan put it, “I finally found out what it is. This is the thing about golf. This is why people get so into it! I’m sitting there, about two hours into my game, just miserable, thinking, ‘I’m horrible, I suck at this. I can’t believe this, I’m completely wasting my morning. And I got up at five to go do this!’ Then I got to one of the last holes of the day and I took a shot. It was a GOOD shot – it went up, it went straight, it landed far, it went where I wanted it to go; it was really a nice one. If you have one shot like that, it makes you want to come back. It makes you want to be able to do it again and again.”

CS asked the ultra-busy Jonathan how in the world he has the energy to do the trillions of things he has to do. Making it seem easy as can be, he replied, “I exercise, I drink coffee, and I have a lot of natural stamina. I like life – I like going out and doing stuff.” There you have it!

Obviously, one spectacular shot doesn’t mean you’ve conquered the game and will be shooting holes in one from then on! Jonathan is the first to admit he’s not quite ready to challenge Tiger Woods to a driving contest. 😉 [driving golf balls, that is, which is the same as teeing off.] “After the first time I got it just right I thought, ‘Wow! What did I do?’ And then of course, I tried to recreate it, and it was horrible after that! [LAUGHS] But there’s definitely that one thing that keeps you coming back.”

<JTTWe wondered if that meant Jonathan was willing to once again get out of bed at a ridiculous hour (on a weekend, no less) and spend a morning on the golf course. As usual, he was totally willing to go for it (which is pretty much how Jonathan tackles anything and everything). “Sure, if someone wanted to go play golf, I’d try it again. It’s a very difficult game. It doesn’t seem like it would be all that hard — you know, you hit a ball in the general direction of the hole, and you think you know where it’s going to land, but it’s extremely difficult!” Considering how much he excels in school and work, though, we know Jonathan can basically do anything he sets his mind to. If, for some reason, he DID decide to conquer golf, there would be some serious new competition at this year’s PGA Master’s Tournament!

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