What’s up, everybody! Summer is here, and Celebrity Sightings has sizzling updates on superstar Jonathan Taylor Thomas! If your heart skips a beat every time you catch this talented and attractive actor on-screen, then Jonathan’s official website is bound to become one of your all-time favorite destinations on the Web. In our way-cool last edition, we touched on Jonathan’s interest in world affairs and conflict in Iraq. This time around, we’re gonna shoot for something a little more like Sports Center and a little less like the eleven-o’clock news (wink).

If you’ve ever attempted to swing a golf club (without endangering innocent bystanders or the rest of your foursome), you’ll definitely dig Jonathan’s views on this sometimes-frustrating sport!

Did you know Jonathan was recently featured as one of Teen People Magazine’s “21 Hottest Stars Under 21?” Not only that, he was also named one of YM Magazine’s 50 Hottest Guys! So excuse us for stating the obvious, but we’d just like to point out that this guy is really, really cute. (See attached photos. Swoon accordingly.)


FOUR !Those of you who devour every ounce of Jonathan info almost as soon as we post it probably know this athletic sixteen-year-old is a lifetime sports fan. Jonathan plays basketball, soccer, and hockey, and loves fly fishing more than just about anything! It’s a little known fact, however, that Jonathan once tried his hand at the game of golf. Celebrity Sightings is reasonably sure, however, that he’s not yet in a rush to book a golf-only St. Andrews vacation. [St. Andrew’s is a very famous, historic golf course in Scotland.] Discussing his very first attempt at the game, Jonathan confided, “I’ve only been golfing once, and it took me three hours to play nine holes! [a standard round of golf is actually eighteen.] It was just ridiculous.

It was like, I’d hit the ball and I’d think, ‘Okay, I’ve lined it up, and I’m pointing the ball in this direction. If I hit it [exactly like this], it should land over there. In theory, it should land there.’ But I’d hit it, and it would end up somewhere completely different, or it would just fall right in the water.” Poor guy – golf seems to involve just as much luck as it does physics.

Those sand traps and water hazards will get you every time!

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