When Marshall, Mark and Marty Stouffer were growing up in 1960s Fort Smith, Arkansas, the dream of becoming wildlife documentary filmmakers seemed impossible. In their sleepy little Southern hometown, owning a store or going into the family business were the only options. But becoming a moviemaker? The very idea of it had their friends, and even their family, wondering if it was just a farfetched fantasy. Thankfully, their perseverance and unquenchable desire to make movies made their dreams reality. Wild America, the movie, is their story.

Wild America, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Scott Bairstow, Devon Sawa
A PERFECT PLAN… Mark, Marty (Scott Bairstow) and Marshall plot what their next move will be. Will they go down to the bayous of Louisiana to chock out alligators or brave the cold wilderness to have a close encounter with a cave of grizzly bears? It’s a wild, Wild America.
THE MEDIATOR… As the middle brother, Mark must be Marty’s right-hand man and Marshall’s protector. He’s the glue that keeps the Stouffer boys together during tough times.

In Wild America, life for teenage Marshall, Mark and Marty (Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Devon Sawa and Scott Bairstow) is never exciting enough. Sure, there’s a little bit of romance for Mark, who has a hometown girlfriend named ‘Julie Ann’ (Amy Douglas). There’s also the time they spend hunting in the woods, drag racing with friends like ‘D.C.’ (Zack Ward) and making crazy homemade movies starring Marshall, who they subject to all sorts of rough and tumble tortures. Yet Marshall, though his experiences with their harebrained schemes, is really one of the bravest people around.

BLUE SKIES … Besides his love for animals, Marshall (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) also has a dream of flying his dad’s plane one day. After his voyage into the wilderness, he finally gets the courage to take a trip into the sky.

Marshall, who narrates their story, gets to prove how brave he really is in the special summer of 1967. When the boys’ mom and dad (Jamey Sheridan and Frances Fisher) buy them a 16 mm camera, it opens a world of possibilities to them and hatches the plan of a lifetime. What if they took their camera on a road trip and filmed wild animals in their natural habitat’.’ With their strategy intact to get the most rare and adventurous footage of America’s rapidly diminishing wildlife, they set off to achieve their dreams. Unbeknownst to Mark and Marty, though, Marshall’s not about to be left out of their plan!

Wild America captures the pristine beauty of the United States’ natural landscape and the Stouffer brothers’ amazing – and dangerous – experiences with wild animals. When Marshall gets a little too close to a raging moose, he almost ends up losing his life! There are plenty of other treacherous encounters with a hungry alligator, a pack of stampeding horses and a cave filled with slumbering bears that aren’t happy about being awakened.

ON THE ROAD… Sitting in the back of their beat-up truck, Marshall and Mark (Devon Sawa) contemplate all their adventures. Get the inside scoop on the story behind.

Besides vividly retelling the real Mark. Marshall and Marty’s cool tale, Wild America shows the power of what three brothers achieved with sheer will, determination and the courage to go where few people have ever gone before.

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