“Sure I’m young. But I know a lot about girls. Stuff they don’t even know. Like, 8 out of 10 don’t get enough calcium. Big mistake, but easy to fix. ‘Cause 3 glasses of milk have the calcium you need to help bones grow strong. Ofcourse, milk helps me too. I look older with a mustache.”

Name – Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Hometown – Bethlehem, PA
Age – 15
Dream Date – Someone funny, smart, warm, honest and most importantly, someone with a big heart and a great personality.
Gig – Along with his role in “Home Improvement” as Randy, he’s starred in several popular films, including “Man of the House,” “Tom and Huck,” “The Lion King” and “The Adventures of Pinocchio.” His latest claim to fame is “Wild America” which hits the theaters this summer.
Favorite Color – Blue
Favorite Movie – The Rock

When Jonathan Taylor Thomas was only five, his family moved to Sacramento, California. Only two years later, he started modeling for print ads and television commercials. Thomas then began working in industrial films and on stage before getting his break playing Greg Brady on the “The Brady’s,” a short-lived 1990 sequel to the hit series. Shortly after “The Brady’s,” Thomas changed his name from Jonathan Weiss to Jonathan Taylor Thomas and landed the role that would change his life — Randy on ABC’s rating’s winner “Home Improvement.”

Thomas was the voice of Pinocchio in “The Adventures of Pinocchio,” and felt he could relate to the role since all kids have difficulty battling peer pressure growing up. In addition, Thomas also provided the voice of young Simba in the animated hit “The Lion King.”

Away from the set, Thomas spends his free time fishing, collecting antique cars and plans on fixing up an antique car this summer. He enjoys going to movies with his friends and spending time with his mom and older brother. After just finishing his first year of high school, Thomas already has his college goals mapped out. He plans on attending Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, and pursuing a career in directing and producing.

Source: Why Milk

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