We’re back with another edition of “Up Close” and boy have we got some close up and personal information about one of the best loved young actors in America, Jonathan Taylor Thomas!Don’t forget that this is where you get to read the truth about Jonathan. There are always plenty of rumors flying around various magazines and on some of the unofficial sites on the internet but since Jonathan is ‘personally’ involved with his web site you can be sure that everything you read is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!
Now as you know, Jonathan is always pretty light hearted and loves to joke around but as we discovered when we talked to him recently, there is also a more serious side to him and you’re gonna be surprised to find out about the other careers that Jonathan would be interested in if he hadn’t pursued acting.So far of course 1997 has been a very hectic but also a very exciting year for Jonathan. School has been getting a little tougher with more and more work being heaped upon him, he also just turned sixteen years old on September 8th, which had all sort of implications, not least being the ability to jump into his own car and drive. In fact with 1 1/2 hours of the California Department on Motor Vehicles opening on Sept 8th Jonathan was exiting with his drivers licence tucked proudly in his pocket!

He’s appeared on talk shows, radio shows and the cover of many different magazines, he has continued filming one of the most popular TV shows in history as well as releasing his much anticipated movie “WILD AMERICA.”
Phwew…not bad for a young man from Bethlehem Pennsylvania!!


One of the drawbacks about being so recognizable is that it can be pretty hard for Jonathan to get much privacy especially when he’s doing really normal things like having dinner or shopping at the store.In fact there have been times when he’s needed to slip on a hat and some dark glasses just so that he can visit the local mall to buy Christmas presents.Also it seems like the big holidays are the best time for this famous face to blend in.
“As long as you just kind of go about your business people are generally pretty good. During holidays people are so involved in what they’re doing, people really don’t notice what’s going on around them because it’s kind of intense, and everyone is scrambling to get gifts. They’re not just going to the mall to hang out, they have a mission. So it’s a little bit easier.

Usually of course Jonathan will be more than happy to say hello and sign a few autographs but he does relish the time that he gets to spend alone with friends and family so if you ever bump into him somewhere, remember to give him some pace.


Ever thought about what jobs the celebrities might be doing if they hadn’t got their big breaks in showbiz? Some people of course don’t really know which direction they would have headed but Jonathan had some pretty clear idea’s. He told us, ” I think that maybe it sounds kind of bizarre but I like politics. Some job in politics or law or in the field medical would be very interesting. I think that they are things that you have to spend a lot of time studying for and preparing for, not easy things to do at all, but they’re things that interest me. I like jobs where you can affect lives and you can affect large amounts of people.”

We asked Jonathan if he could see some parallels in showbiz?
“Well yes I guess that acting and being in the public eye, does sort of fall into the same category as well. Television and movies are such a vast medium that reach so many millions and millions of people that you can get messages and that sort of thing out there.”

Jonathan has already got some ideas worked out about certain aspects of the political system in America.
“First of all I think we should have more than just two or three candidates. You should have more than two candidates because we’re such a huge country. I think that you should see all different types of views, all different political views, all different social and financial agendas.

It shouldn’t be so limiting.”


When you get him talking about it you can really start to see his serious side come through.
“I may be just naive, but I don’t know, I’d like to be in politics but I’d like to be in honest politics and direct politics. I’m not interested in the political game, I’m more into just straight out, bare bones politics, making differences, making changes and getting things done, being effective.”

Jonathan also recently attended the prestigious “State of the World Forum” is San Francisco on November 7th where he took part in a round table discussion and an on-line chat which focused on global issues affecting the worlds youth.
Way to go Jonathan.
Did you know that if Jonathan had been able to vote in the last election he ‘may’ have voted for Ross Perot just because he wanted to see a Reform Party.


Now that “Wild America” has been released all over the world and is now available on video, Jonathan is already looking for his next acting project. Also like most successful young actors he is concerned about type casting and always taking doing very similar roles. Celebrity Sightings asked him what type of movies he might consider for his next job.
“I’d like to get into slightly more adult stuff, but at the same time there’s some great pieces, sort of the coming of age pieces that might be good. That’s kind of the age I’m at right now and that’s kind of what I relate to. However I’m always progressing. Each time I do something it kind of has a bit more edge to it. At the same time I don’t want to go do something so edgy and so bizarre and so off the wall that I can’t go back.”

So does that mean that we’re not going to be seeing him in some super scary Wes Craven movie just yet??
“I want to be able to come back and do comedy and still do some of the lighter kind of stuff, ’cause I love that too, but I want to be able to do drama. “I think I would like to be able to combine the two.”


Jonathan recently confirmed to Celebrity Sightings that he will begin filming a new movie for Walt Disney Pictures in March 1998. The movie is entitled “I Won’t Be Home for Christmas” and is described as a romantic comedy. We look forward to bringing you all the latest news from the set as it happens.


We asked Jon if it was stressful to have to make such big decisions at such a relatively young age?
“Yeah it’s a lot of pressure because you don’t want to make the wrong choice. At the same time you have to make it regardless, I mean you have to make a choice one way or the other and so you just kind of have to think about it and make the best decision that you can. There are a lot of factors which you have to think about.

Well if you ask us we think that so far most things have worked out just fine and I think that most of you guys would agree.

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