Allow me to speak only to the girls for a minute. (it’s a she-thang guys, so bear with us.) Am I right in assuming that Jonathan Taylor Thomas is your future husband, but he just doesn’t know it yet? Hey, it’s easy to see why – Jonathan is one of the coolest and cutest actors in Hollywood, thus totally crush-worthy! Well, before you start shopping for bridesmaid’s dresses, perhaps you’ll want to learn even more about this bright and talented sixteen-year-old! As you probably know, Celebrity Sightings is Jonathan’s only official website. We’ve got the inside scoop on everything male AND female fans have been seeking in cyberspace about their favorite star, so let’s get right to it!


J.D. Salinger
If you recall, we revealed in an early edition of “Up Close With Jonathan Taylor Thomas” that one of his all-time favorite books is J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye. We were reminded of this when we recently asked Jonathan about the trials of growing up. Maybe there’s just a little Holden Caulfield in all of us! Like Holden, Jonathan is understandably annoyed by anything remotely superficial or “phony.” When we asked what he dislikes most, Jonathan replied, “I don’t like people who aren’t honest with themselves, who try to pretend to be things that they’re not.” He does maintain, though, that this kind of lamenes is slightly more justifiable during those way-out teen years. As he put it, “Being a teenager is such a traumatic time as far as… you’re so uncomfortable in your own skin. You’re sort of feeling things out and trying to find out who you are. And that’s what adolescence is all about, just being in this period where you’re caught [between being a kid and being an adult]. You don’t know what you want to be, you don’t know if you should be yourself, or if you need to kind of adapt to social standards.” Good to see that Jonathan is definitely more objective than our man Holden, one of American literature’s most famous angst-ridden teens!

Jonathan went on to say that this uncertainty about identity “unfortunately seems to last longer now with people than it ever did. I mean, there are people out there who are 20, 30, and still don’t know! I’m not sure if you ever DO actually know [what you believe in], but the teen years are a very difficult time in that you’re trying to discover who you are. And you’re not a kid, but you’re not an adult. You want to leave childish things behind, but at the same time you don’t want the responsibility of being an adult. So you’re in between.”

Here’s a bit of info for those hard-core trivia fans out there!

Did you know that Jonathan’s older brother Joel once spent a summer as an intern right here at Celebrity Sightings? Needless to say, we loved having him around! 🙂
For the sake of debate, we suggested that in a lot of ways, it’s pretty cool not to have so many obligations while still seeing things from an adult perspective. Here’s what Jonathan had to say about that: “See, I don’t think that’s a good way to go, because I think if you’re gonna be an adult, you need to be able to take responsibility and you need to accept that.

You can’t say, ‘Oh, I’m not gonna clean my room today because I want to be a kid, it’s my kid day.’
There has to be a balance, it can’t just be, ‘Oh, when something challenging comes up I want to be a kid, and when something easy and fun comes up, I want to be an adult and have all this freedom….’ It’s a very traumatic time, and kids are constantly searching for themselves. Especially nowadays with all the outside influences and the pressure of drugs, gangs, sex, and violence.
Kids have more pressure on themselves today than I think any other generation.”



“What light through yonder window breaks…”
By now you’re probably hip to the fact that Jonathan is both an avid reader and an excellent student. With that in mind, Celebrity Sightings asked him what he thought of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. For the record, out of respect to the playwright, we asked about Will’s version first and Baz Luhrman’s version second! Jonathan told CS that although he has not yet tackled Shakespeare’s work as an actor, he read the play for a high school English class and absolutely loved it. (He also mentioned that he’d definitely like to perform Shakespeare one day – no doubt he’ll be up to the challenge!)

Jonathan referred to the 1996 blockbuster film version of Romeo and Juliet as “unbelievable!” He gave us his thoughts on the movie itself as well as the performances of Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes as star-crossed (but ill-fated) lovers. “That was a really good movie. I just loved it! I think it helps if you… know the play and can understand Elizabethan English. I mean, everyone sort of knows the story, but unless you understand [the text], I can see where it would be very confusing. What’s interesting about Shakespeare is that every line has two or three different meanings. There are so many different levels of Shakespeare – so many different ways you can interpret the lines, and a lot of them are quite funny.”

Do you know who Jonathan considers his very best friends to be? Click here and let Jonathan tell you himself!

Jonathan had nothing but great things to say about fellow young actors Leonardo and Claire. (we’re on a first-name basis here!) “I thought they did an incredible job, I really did. I think they are two of the most talented actors of a generation. They’re both so conscientious as far as doing their jobs well. The film was very contemporary, but to me it blended. I forgot about it. I just got caught up in the story rather than thinking ‘Oh gosh, they’re speaking English from the 1500’s, yet they’re driving around in BMW’s.’ It was very stylistic, but it worked for me.” Cool – that’s high praise for Claire and Leo, especially since it comes from somebody who’s pretty talented himself!

Okay, how’s that for in-depth info on the amazing (and attractive!) Jonathan Taylor Thomas? We have LOTS more to tell you, but it have to wait until next month. Good things come to those who wait! Stay tuned, ’cause we’ll be back to bring you Jonathan’s thoughts on world peace, tolerance, and justice (we told you he was a thinker!) Until then, log in and stay cool!

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