IF THERE’S ANY ‘REAL LIVE BOY’ on the celeb scene more popular than JONATHAN TAYLOR THOMAS, we sure don’t know him. But we do know this: JTT is doin’ the big screen thing in The Adventures Of Pinocchio this month and 16 is doin’ the prize thing. Which makes it a win-win situation all the way around!

You can buy inkworks Pinocchio trading cards wherever trading cards are sold — either by the packet, or the full set, which looks like this. And this is whatcha snag for free, right here!



Psst! Wanna keep JTT close at all times? You do that in your heart of course, now you can do it in your purse, pocket, backpack or binder — via inkworks’ Pinocchio trading cards!

WHAT THEY ARE: Packets of trading cards, each bearing a glossy shot of JTT as Pinocchio (or other scenes from the movie) on one side; movie info and stats on the back.

HOW MANY: A complete set nets you 90 (!!) different cards!

HOW MANY YOU CAN WIN: Sixteen winners will each receive one full set plus five extra promo cards featuring JONATHAN’S smiling face.

HOW COOL ARE THEY? Hugely. Within each set, there are posed shots, activity and puzzle cards, behind-the-scenes cards, and extra-special rare bonus cards, including one where JTT turns into Pinocchio right before your eyes!

HOW TO GET IN THE RUNNING: Flip quickly to page 90 where you’ll find our Giant, All-Contest Coupon. Check off the JTT inkworks Pinocchio Trading Card box and you’re in the real live contest: no lie!


Will JTT reprise his mighty roar if and when Simba goes on-screen again? That’s the big question bein’ pondered right now! According to a Disney higher-up, a made-for-video sequel, called Simba’s Pride, is on the drawing boards for next year. So far, JTT hasn’t committed to doing the voice of the most famous lion cub ever. Will he or won’t he? You’ll find out—by reading 16, of cause!


Jonathan is racing towards his 15th birthday (comin’ up September 8) and like most teenage boys, his voice is changing. Which kinda presented a “situation” for the makers of Pinocchio. When JTT first began doing his lines as the puppet, he sounded the normal, raspy way we’re used to hearing him. Several months later, when he was called back to add in some script changes, however, his voice had begun to change. But through the magic of computer technology, you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Source: 16 Magazine, Volume 38, Number 1, September, 1996
Date: July 1996
Author: unknown

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