He’s 15 ‘N Feelin’ Fine!

Used To Be You Didn’t See a whole lot of JTT – unchaparoned, that is. Of course, it makes sense for a child actor to be accompanied at all public appearances by a parent or guardian. But in case you hadn’t noticed. Jonathan’s not a kid anymore: and a whole lot more than his voice has changed. JTT’s steppin’ out more on his own, spending time with kids his own age – and having a blast.

Jonathan Has Been The Top Teen Idol for a long while. He’s been majorly grateful that you love him so much, and has pretty much dedicated his early teen years to working hard. JTT’s almost never not working – be it on his hit TV show, Home Improvement; or filming a movie, or doing his schoolwork. But when his biological clock hit 15, something seemed to happen: JTT’s totally added some good, clean fun to the mix. And that’s new for him.

Where’s He Been – And Who’s He Been With? Recently, Jonathan turned up unexpectedly and on his own, at an ABC-TV night time party. There, he totally mingled with fellow Celebes, and casually answered journalists’ candid questions. To those who got too nosy, JTT just politely said, “I have no comment on that.” Very cool, very grown up – clearly, JTT is way capable of handling himself in even the stickiest of situations. He was also on hand at the televised Family Film Awards where he took the stage with his TV dad, Tim Allen, to accept Home Improvement’s award for best family TV comedy.

Jonathan with Rachael, Rider and DanielleAnd Then There Was The Just For Fun night on the town of Planet Hollywood, Beverly Hills. JTT accepted an invite to attend the premiere of the movie, Matilda, as well as the party afterward. There, JTT spent the night hangin’ with his homies – Rachael Leigh Cook, Rider Strong and Danielle Fishel. Jonathan<‘s/B> gotten to be friends with all three, and special friends with the last one! (Though everyone insists they’re not dating).

Okay, So For Most Celebrity Teens, showing up at parties, premieres and riffing with their buds is no biggie. But JTT’s always been way too busy for all that – up till now, however. If 16 had to bet, we’d say, watch out world: the all-new, totally teenaged, and furiously fine Jonathan Taylor Thomas is makin’ the scene. Can dating, and an actual girlfriend, be far behind?? We’ll keep ya’ posted!

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