Everyone knows J.T.T. is one of a kind. But do you know exactly what makes this 15-year-old star so totally unique? We do!

If you’ve forgotten what the first thing you saw in Jonathan Taylor Thomas was that made you fall in love with him, you don’t need to wonder or wait to see your favorite Home Improvement star in next July’s Wild America to remember. We’ve picked out six matchless traits that will explain why you haven’t been able to stop thinking about J.T.T. since he first bopped into your life.

1. Jonathan’s a little bit sassy – we mean, saucy!

Is there anyone on this planet that hasn’t noticed Jonathan’s exceptional good looks? We didn’t think so. Part of Jonathan’s charm comes from his Portuguese descent. While most actors are described as being hunks, studs, babes, etc., J.T.T. is definitely more unique than that. He’s simply saucy. What do we mean, you ask? “I’m like a Heinz 57,” Jonathan tells BOP. “I mean, I’m a mix of everything.”

Jonathan’s unique cultural background is an important part of who he is. The reason why he’s so fond of his family members is because he knows he comes from a varied and special class. “I think what is funny about my family is that we are all really individual,” he says. “I think that is why we have a good time. We go to our reunions and we have laughter because our whole family has a different personality.”

2. Yea, but can he do a backbend?

It takes a special kind of guy to do as much as Jonathan does his age. He manages to keep a full-time acting job, put in at least three hours of hard-core studying a day to maintain straight A’s and squeeze in a few hobbies. HIs busy way of life has taught him many lessons. One of these is to be very flexible – and we donut mean like Gumby.

During the filming of 1995’s Tom and Huck in rugged Mooresvile, Alabama, J.T.T. made no qualms about roughing it in order to get his school work done. “Th weather was very hot and humid,” he’s said. “I took my final exams in the back of a cave because it was 50 degrees in there. I had to take my finals with a flashlight. There were also a lot of bugs. Big bugs. The bugs were tough to deal with.” Talk about being flexible! We’ve never heard of anyone taking finals in a cave before, have you?


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Source: BOP Magazine
Date: 1996
Author: unknown

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