In a series of BOP interviews, the star of Home Improvement and Tom and Huck explains why he’s still single.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas, for all of his endearing and charming qualities and kissable features, is still a very single 14-year-old guy. Unfortunately, he hasn’t always wanted it that way. When we asked J.T.T. two years ago if he had a girlfriend, he responded, “No, not at the moment. I wouldn’t mind having a girlfriend, but I just haven’t found Ms. Right, I guess you could say.”

In fact, the warm and witty wonder thespian has never had a girlfriend. You could say he’s never found Ms. Right – or Ms. Right Now, “I’ve had friends that have been girls, you know, but not necessarily really, really heavy dating,” Jonathan admits.

Though Jonathan has wanted a girlfriend in the past, he was smart enough to think about the future consequences before jumping into a romantic relationship. To sort of put a backwards twist on the old cliché, he’s let friendship get in the way of dating.

You see, a while ago J.T.T. had a crush on a girl who happened to be a close friend – and this crush was further amplified by the fact that his friends were encouraging him to go out with her. As you may have read before, Jonathan said, “I asked my brother [Joel], ‘What do you think we should do?’ and my brother told me that it was up to me and said just make sure you stay friends no matter what.”

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