Where feathers Flying Over Fans On The Set Of Tom & Huck?

The rumours started almost the second the cast of Tom & Huck settled into their Alabama location – stories suggested that 13-year-old Brad Renfro and 14-year-old Jonathan Taylor Thomas were practically at each others throats.
And what was the cause of there supposed battles? Gossips gabbed that Jonathan was a bit miffed that Brad was getting all the attention from fans. Or maybe it was Brad who felt he was being overlooked. Whatever – the point being made was that the two hated each other!

Not, Not And Not!

Those were the kinds of stories people were spreading about Brad and JTT. The real story was a little less dramatic. Of cause Brad and Jonathan are total opposites. (Even JTT admitted, “We’re like night and day.”) And Jonathan was tucked safely in bed while Brad strayed out late playing rock music at local clubs.
The real truth is always less exciting than the rumours, and the truth is that, no – Brad and JTT did not become the best of buddies. But they definitely never got into fights on or off the set – both young actors are too professional. And they never would have fought over fans!
Brad knows that JTT has been working on Home Improvement for a lot of years, while he only made his movie debut in 1994 with The Client. He would expect Jonathan to have a bigger group of hard core fans. But even so, there’s no shortage of Brad believers out there. Both boys enjoy the attention and admiration of their fans – which makes them happy, not angry.

Will They Do It Again?

Despite the ever-present rumours, lots of people thought the friendship between Tom and Huck (in the film, natch) was pretty believable. Would the pair ever work together again? Of cause – if the right script came along. Now brad is busy working on some heavy duty films, Sleepers (where he plays a young Brad Pitt) and David (a gritty film about urban kids). And of cause, Jonathan’s hard at work making you laugh on HI while awaiting the release of Pinocchio.

Source: 16 Magazine #9, 1996

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