There’s just no stopping Jonathan Taylor Thomas!

The 16-year-old teen star is reportedly all set to star in a brand new movie! Known to be selective about the roles he chooses, JTT has given the green light on I Won’t Be Home For Christmas for Walt Disney Pictures.

A Part That Was “Taylor” Made!

The film is a romantic comedy (JTT’s first!) and word has it, Disney had the script tailored to fit JTT. That is, the part was originally written with an older, twentysomething lead in mind, but Disney worked a little magic and had the role re-written so that the lead character would be a senior in high school — closer to JTTs actual age. JTT will star as Roger, described as “A Ferris Bueller-type prepschool upperclassman who is trying to stop his girlfriend from developing a new love.”

JTT Will Be Home For Christmas!

Production on I Won’t Be Home For Christmas is scheduled for some time next spring when Jonathan is on hiatus from Home Improvement. So he will be home for Christmas, but he’ll do the movie when he’s on break from the series.


A New Movie Role for JTT!
In Wild America, Devon Sawa, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Scott Bairstow, as the Stouffer brothers, hit the open road with their 16mm camera to live their dream of capturing endangered wildlife on film!

Jonathan’s last movie, as you well know, was last summer’s Wild America. JTT starred as Marshall Stouffer, the youngest of three brothers from Arkansas who set out in 1967 to live their dream of filming American wildlife. Heartthrobs Devon Sawa and Scott Bairstow star as JTTs screen brothers Mark and Marty.

Inspired by the true story of the Stouffer brothers, who have their own Wild America documentary series on PBS, the movie tells the story of the three brothers as they hit the open road with their new 16mm camera to capture endangered wildlife on film. As they filmed Marshall’s encounter with an enraged moose, Mark’s close call with a hungry alligator and an exploration into the cave of a den of hibernating grizzlies, the Stouffers created a home movie like no other.

Wild America is a movie like no other. It combines adventure, comedy and drama in one heartwarming movie — not to mention it stars three of the cutest teen heartthrobs around! This month, Wild America arrives on home video. Thanks to Warner Home Video, 16 has 25 copies of Wild America to give away to our readers. If you’d like a chance at winning a copy, flip to page 76 of this issue and check off the space marked “Wild America Video Giveaway” on our All-Contest Coupon!


Thanks to Warner Home Video, 16 has 25 Wild America videos to give away to our readers!

Source: 16 Magazine
Date: October 1997
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