Observer, student and question fiend, 15-year-old Jonathan Taylor Thomas takes an avid interest in everything he encounters.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas 1997In his eagerly anticipated new movie Wild America, scheduled to be released in March, Jonathan Taylor Thomas plays famed wildlife photographer Marshall Stouffer, the youngest of a trio of real-life shutterbug brothers. And, if actors do their best work with roles they can relate to in real life, then playing Marshall should win J.T.T. every prize imaginable: A star who’s already famous for his observational skills, Jonathan is part sponge and part human camera. Whether he’s on the set of a movie or simply trying something for the first time, J.T.T. takes in everything and wants to know more – because the knowledge may come in handy at a later date.

It may have been this real-life thirst for detail (coupled with his gorgeous looks and talent, of cause) that helped him win the role of Marshall in the first place. When we asked him about his Wild America character, Jonathan described Marshall Stouffer this way: “He is a very observant person and he thinks a lot. He is really intelligent and he is constantly thinking and observing. He is sort of like a little Buddha, you know, just watching everything and takes it all in.” Hmmm… Sounds like a certain blue-eyed babe we all know.

Source: BOP Magazine, Volume 15, Number 7
Date: February 1997
ISSN: 8750-7242
Author: unknown

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