Jonathan Taylor Thomas ...Only You Can Help!
JTT’s got a problem – and he wants to warn you about it!

…Only you can help!

Deception On The Information Highway!

It’s your dream come true and it’s happening…you go on-line on your computer and start talking to a really great guy. As the conversation goes on, you find out that the great guy is none other that your fave, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, and he wants your phone number so he can talk to you in person and get to know you better! It’s your dream come true…or is it really a nightmare in the making?! The information highway is a wonderful thing, filled with info on everything under the sun, but it’s also potentially dangerous because you can’t be sure who you’re talking to – or if that person is who he says he is!

That’s why Jonathan Taylor Thomas called superstars recently – there’s trouble and he wants you to know about it!

He’s Not the Guy You Think He Is!

“I have never been on-line,” Jonathan told us. “I never have been and I never will be. So if kids are out there and they think they’re talking to me, I guarantee they’re not!” But there are a number of Jonathan impersonators – people who pretend that they’re JTT just so they can get close to his fans on-line! “They call these girls at home,” Jonathan said about these impersonators, “and they get information about these children! It’s very scary – you have to be very careful. I think it’s great, this new superhighway and all this information, but people are really abusing it. I just to warn kids out there to be careful because you never know who you’re talking to!”

Source: 16 Magazine, Special
Date: June 1996
Author: unknown